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The world wants to be against me and my people

Today, Trina Talks racism and injustice on all spectrums. This is because whilst quarantine has been a time of reflection, living in the present and having to face many challenges, as a young black girl and my counterparts have been facing trauma upon trauma. Whether it is murders, justice systems, institutional racism, workplace cultures, clothing and other sub contents, it seems like finally the world is looking at the misgivings that black people face. However within that, there has still been a culture of mocking struggles and events that take place.

The increase of this movement has been insightful to see and those who are not black attempting to educate themselves on the stereotypes we have faced since we were born. Even though like many, I have been sceptical of people's intentions and performative actions in raising awareness to topics, I have wanted to keep an open mind due to the fact that this change can create small steps for our future. Just yesterday, when I went to both Waterstones and Foyles, the first book I saw at the front of the store was "Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race". which ignited some hope that people are taking matters into their own hands, rather than continuing to reply on black peers to speak up.

It has been difficult to be exposed to the influx of information surrounding black peoples rights and treatment, solely for the fact that these issues come down to the colour of our skin and it affects the pronunciation of our name, how black people are fetishes to have mixed children, mixed race individuals being targeted for their "split identity". Additionally, the effects mentally and emotionally, seeing so many of stories that are only unearthed now that have happened last year or even longer ago has been upsetting, because it has felt like a losing battle. But alas, a change comes from somewhere and this can be the time that we continue what pioneers like Martha Johnson, Martin Luther King and John Lewis have set.

On the other hand, the original cause that black people started speaking for for is not necessarily what has actually been tackled. Where it is okay to change actors that were playing black roles. painting roads with black lives matter, saying that you will take diversity more seriously, but holding those accountable for direct pain and violence still occurs. I use Megan Thee Stallion as one example of saying all black lives matter, but her being used as a meme or a joke when she faced a near death. There are also individuals such as Quesha Hardy, Brian Powers, Tiffany Harris, Nina Pop, Tony McDade, Summer Taylor, Brayla Stone, Merci Mack, Bree Black, are not spoken about or least of all, spoken by name because they are transgender. I say this because I want to state that in this movement, a human rights movement, we must bring to light those rights for black transgender, black LGBTQIA+ and black women and the following points (current and historical) will help us understand:

  • Almost one in four LGBT people (23 per cent) have witnessed discriminatory or negative remarks against LGBT people by healthcare staff.

  • Half of black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people (51 per cent) have experienced discrimination or poor treatment from others in their local LGBT community because of their ethnicity.

  • Most governments deny trans people the right to legally change their name and gender from those that were assigned to them at birth 

  • A quarter of the world’s population believes that being LGBT should be a crime

  • in Britain, significantly lower percentages of ethnic minorities (8.8 per cent) worked as managers, directors and senior officials, compared with White people (10.7 per cent) and this was particularly true for African or Caribbean or Black people (5.7 per cent) and those of mixed ethnicity (7.2 per cent)

  • rates of prosecution and sentencing for Black people were three times higher than for White people,18 per thousand population compared with six per thousand population for White people

  • Black African women had a mortality rate four times higher than White women in the UK

  • There is a significant disproportionate number of ethnic minorities detained under mental health legislation in hospitals in England and Wales

(All statistics acquired from the Stonewall UK and Equality Human Rights websites respectfully)

This is obviously a topic that can be written to be a very long post, but frankly I think its time for us to realise that action needs to be taken for this, and it has. Three months on from George Floyd's murder, there are still many protests taking place worldwide and awareness is being taken. I want to round this off to say to those who have black peers and black friends - show up or shut up. If you are going to publicly display support and arms for us, make sure it is not just a black screen because that is not what we need. Our melanin and ALL of it is counting to a movement - please lift us up and show up when it is needed.

So I close this post with my Trina Testimony to say:

This is not the time to slack, because after this, we just can't keep going back.

With Love,

Trina x

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