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so... the first entry into my public diary

Hello! If people read this then hey I am Trina and this is Trina Talks! It's basically a forum where I just have random word vomits on things I have faced, feel or see in society that I feel like would be good to discuss. Basically a journal of a girl who in lessons would have to be asked if I understood the task, because I never spoke in class unless it was asking to go to the loo lol. There will actually be a lot of things spoken about, not just because I have been through a lot, but its always nice to read another person's perspective of life. Hopefully (if I am consistent with this), this can be where people find out what's a bit of me, where my head is at and why Fergie was wrong in saying big girls don't cry... because I have... for many reasons, whether it's because of boys, parents, family, politicians or that meme that sends you a bit too over the edge. So yeah - let's just see how all these shenanigans go but a Trina Testimony is:

Believe you can and you are halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt

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