• Trina

Life is a marathon

We are the gifted, the new, evolved and educated to bring the world to a better place and when we try to do just that, we are constantly condemned. I am tired of me and my agemates being belittled and forced to shrink ourselves under the what is right, when what is right is to question the system, speak up for all and protect those who are vulnerable.

There are so many things going on right now, whereby there is honestly not a lot of characters to describe, because if not for social media, we would not even be aware of these things. It is times and reflections like this, where I wished that sociology was a core subject for all countries in the world - as frustrating as analysing the world and everything can be, it is so useful into seeing how cultures, beliefs, norms and values are so interlinked into the world we live in now. I see myself as an empath, so seeing so many people being affected daily constantly by the systems and people that "protect", "serve" or are of status in societies is weighing a lot emotionally and as a person who is part of a "new generation".

In spite of this, these things are still happening, conversations are being recycled, discussed and on some part, disrespected. The examples I can give are sexual abuse/assault, equality, social status and mental illnesses, which I have continuously seen these topics pop up and the ignorance surrounding these topics have been rife.

I continuously feel disheartened by the hate, ignorance and even those bringing others down, just for what they feel is comfortable and right for them. It feels like social media is a constant train of trauma and upset, but the media will not highlight these things for us. Additionally, I don't know if I am alone in wanting to make more noise and just helping others who cant get reach with their voices, amplifying advocation for those who deserve it in this society, but at the same time, feel drained with trying to keep up with it all.

Furthermore, comparison is being the thief of joy, but as much as we try to avoid it, it feels like we all have an element of showing the best bits, the highlight reel of goals. The lines have blurred to the point that I cannot differentiate all these particular aspects of living. Being in the present is the key of success, but the past, the future, and the competition that now surrounds our society, is making us drift from what is important.

What is the truth is that conversations need to continue, perspective is key and the present is the only thing we can really manage, but can we really do it with all that is occurring as of late?

I just want to stay forever young but grown, living with love and pace - it is okay to do that too, on your terms.

Trina x

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