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Glow Up Pending

A very different post today and that is because I will be talking about all things makeup, especially as for us in the U.K., we COULD be living up our best summer this year ...

Firstly, a note that for base products my skin is combination/oily so a lot will cater to this but there are some that are universal for all skin types.

Moreover, I thought I could share some makeup products and tools that can have your skin and beat looking magnificent, to shake the tables or Shoreditch or Hyde Park.

First off primers: they are going to be key for the summer, particularly if we have a hot one because honestly unless you powder before foundation, it won’t end good for you.

Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector (£28) - that was even a lot to type, why do brands love creating long names for products lol? I had seen quite a lot of beauty content creators mention it and as my forehead really does get oily I thought to buy it. Since purchase, I have not looked back because that primer makes my forehead and nose matte. I don’t really put a lot of foundation or concealer on my forehead much anymore, but it still helps for the product that is on there - my makeup really doesn’t shift when I put it on and the best thing? A little goes a long way.

NYX Shine Killer (£12) - The reason I like this is because it is silicone, but settles into my skin well. It also dries transparent, but it is not drying at all. In contrast, it was really good, but just didn’t have enough holding power so my skin would produce oils as the day would go on, and I would get patches around my mouth a lot unfortunately.

NYX Studio Loving Primer (£10.50) - This was a nice drugstore smoothing primer for the areas that are not my T-Zone. It smoothed out my fine lines and my foundation went on pretty well and products were able to layer on well. The only thing that was weird for me at times was the texture of the primer, it was runny and sometimes was really liquidy but I like wearing it for the more Spring/Summer Months.

Too Faced Hangover Primer (£28) - This one has been a banger for the winter months and more I have loved it. It has coconut water and hyaluronic acid so you hydration is covered, plus to just gives your skin that boost for brightening. I believe with this foundation you can wear a matte or dewy foundation, yet still get the same effects it’s become that much of a staple for me.

Next are foundations and My top foundations I think are worth buying are:

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (£15) - so good because it’s matte but isn’t drying and the shades are really good colour matches for your chest and it lasts long. There isn’t a lot of transfer either so white and brighter clothing can be worn yasss!

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear (£34) - Really nice shades, especially for deep dark skin, coverage is nice and spread and it’s high end so would be nice for those dinner dates or bar nights. It’s comfortable on the skin and the coverage is full but not cakey, but delicious for your skin tone to shine. Currently £25.50 in Debenhams because of their closing down sale online so do take advantage of that ;)

NARS (£28-34) - I’ve used both the sheer glow and natural radiant longwear foundations and they both work so nicely as the sheer glow gives me glow but not oily like the all day luminous sis and it did not oxidise. Additionally, the natural longwear foundation is buildable for coverage and the colour match is spot on for most so can be worn for your natural days or for the more dressed up occasion.

Fenty Beauty Pro Hydration Foondation (£27) - I have only purchased the pro hydration foundation and I really like the shade gradient across this foundation. Even though I do have combination skin, if I wear this foundation, it doesn’t wear off or break apart on my face when used with other products. It gives a really nice finish even with one pump and can be buildable too.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (£35) - This tinted moisturiser has worked wonders for me for work and I can see it being my choice of base product for a nice walk or picnic day because it gives me a nice solid shade on my face, without it feeling like I have a lot of foundation on. However I do wish that were more shades because I feel like there isn’t really enough and I am in the shade Ganache which is the penultimate shade, so there is definitely room for more shades to be made.

When considering concealers, there are really only a couple that I have come to love and believe are good for whatever occasion, and no, one of them isn’t the NARS radiant concealer.

First off is the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer (£25) because it again is full coverage but hydrating with the ingredients that are in this product. With there being 20 shades available, you can find one for colour correcting, contour and highlight. I have really enjoyed the shade chestnut to use as it gives warmth and brightness, but not too light bevause personally for me, I like a more understated under eye highlight. But for those around my skin tone or a shade or two deeper, Butterscotch is a favourite shade for highlight on a chocolate babe.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (£5.99) - When I first used this, it made me very annoyed that I had spent £26 on the NARS radiant concealer. There is so much product in the for a a quarter of the price and gives way more undertone across all shades and much more creamier. I really love using this for a good coverage but not a Born This Way level highlight.

e.l.f camo 16hr concealer (£5.99) - If you want a full coverage highlight this is it. For me not being a full full coverage babe usually, I was really shocked when I first used this because I was not expecting this at all. It really holds coverage well and the shades are very vibrant. The only thing is that this concealer dries down very quick so if you like to let your concealer sit before blending, spray your base so the concealer does not set. Another option is to purchase the hydrating camo concealer which gives the same payoff, but less drying. But for £6?? This is really a goodie for those long evenings awaiting for us when all we will do is sleep, get dressed and paint the town.

For setting powders, I know a lot of people use the good old Sacha Buttercup Setting powder or the RCMA no colour powder, but I believe there are alternatives that are just as good.

For one, the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder (£24) - is really buttery and does not make the skin cakey at all, especially the under eye. I like the fact that the powder is very fine and is very smooth on the skin so that when I dust off, it’s easy but still blends in very well. It comes in 8 shades too which I really like as many people have different preferences on setting powder shades they use for various purposes.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (£32) - is really worth the money in my opinion. I use the shade medium deep to set the rest of my face after baking, just to give a more natural finish of my face, and it really works everything together to give a nice finished base. You don’t have to use a lot of powder to give the pay off you need, whether setting or using as a all face powder and I really enjoy it. There is now a Translucent Honey shade which so far, seems to have worked for many who were previously a translucent shade lover.

Although these are the two that I would really recommend, other favourites have been the Huda Beauty Easy Loose Bake Powder (£29), Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder (£5), the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder and Pat McGrath Sublime Setting Powder. Considering I have not noted the prices of the last two should tell you a lot - personally I don’t know if I could spend that much on setting powder and I wouldn’t want anyone reading to either unless they wanted to.

Finally, I am going to put my fave bronzers and blushes into one list because there aren’t too many, but on my page, I focus on quality and not quantity.

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalker Instant Warmth Bronzer (£25) - I was not one of the girls who held the Covergirl Ebony Bronzer dear to their heart, so when I heard of this, I thought to buy it and I do really love it. The shade I use gives a warmth that is really warm (Mocha Mami), but luckily isn’t red for my skin tone - be warned, it’s pigmented af. Other honourable mentions that I have not yet tried but friends and other makeup lovers I follow on social media love are Benefit Hoola, Mac Mineralise Powder, Makeup Revolution Bronzer and Morphe Glamabronze - all known for giving warmth and body ody for the non contour lovers.

NARS blushes (£18) - You are probably thinking I am mad to spend this much on blush, but I do love a blush on me personally, as it ties everything together for me. I am not much of a glow cheek girl to wear powder highlight anymore, so a blush is really staple for me. Therefore, I’m going to need every makeup wearer to get you a shade Taj Mahal and Exhibit A in your life okay?? Because these two on any skin tone is just marvellous scenes waiting to happen. Oh goodness these two shades, I could talk all day but they are a vibe.

MAC (£20) - I do love a MAC blush, they are an OG of making a chocolate or deep skinned girl to have them rosy cheeks. I really enjoy raizin which I got because it was more natural, but still give your cheeks a rose tint for the days you don’t want to do too much.

Again I must make some honourable mentions that I have not yet tried but others love. One example is Glossier Cloud Paint, Milani Baked Blush, Sleek, BH Cosmetics and Morphe Blush Palettes.

Additionally for setting powders, all you need in life are Urban Decay All Nighter , NYX matte setting powder, Morphe Continuous Setting Mist and Makeup Revolunion Hylauronic Fix or Oil Control.

Lastly, all I want to close on is that make use of codes on all brands websites and UNiDAYS if you still have access to it, because we gotta save some coin pls. the world is there for us to enjoy. More importantly, good skincare is the basis to all of the rest looking on point. I hope this post is helpful to those who may have needed a point in direction for some new products or some not tried yet! Do lemme know if you purchase anything mentioned and sending lots of love and glow for these months ahead ... summers coming home lads!


Trina x

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