This blog is a timeline of life, millennial living and experience. A page of reflection, laughs but no answers, Trina Talks will hopefully enlighten, reflect and perhaps you will also relate too. I hope you enjoy my diary of thoughts in word vomit.


It's Okay Not to Have a Dream

One of my favourite lyrics, especially in my post graduate life and facing reality, it is even more relatable right now, after a panini....

Field of Roses

Confessions of someone who wants to just be. Photo credits: joNa on Pinterest.

This Is Us

TW: mentions of suicide, trauma Hello Readers! I have been gone for a while, but I am back on my writing and Trina Truths for all to...

Life is a marathon

We are the gifted, the new, evolved and educated to bring the world to a better place and when we try to do just that, we are constantly...

Glow Up Pending

A Trina Tries on all makeup products with reviews and recommendations.

Little Me...

We are all just figuring out our younger selves and taking care of ourselves. Take it easy in this whirlwind of life, you deserve it!

Being a BBG

This may be choosing violence, but me and my people face violence on our daily. Photo credit to @blackgirlsatw on Instagram!

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

First of all, hello! I'm back again. I want to start off by saying a trigger warning of depressive language, binge eating, talk of...

Self Harm

Before I start discussing this topic, I do want to say if this subject is triggering and distressing, please don’t read until you’re in a...


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